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Jeep Wrangler Barricade Fenders (1997-2006 TJ) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Barricade Fenders (1997-2006 TJ) Review & Install

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These Barricade Fenders will protect the body and paint of your Wrangler from trail hazards! These fenders are made from heavy duty 3/16" steel sheet and 2" x 0.120" steel tubing to add strength and durability.
Item J108628
MPN# J100296
Different Looks. If you want to swap out your factory fender flares for a non-plastic option, these Barricade Fenders could be just the thing you love. Despite what you might’ve heard, Jeep actually designed the factory fenders for plenty of wheel up-travel, so you’re not really gaining anything in that department with this aftermarket option. You do, however, get a completely different look, complete with mesh inserts behind the wheels, plus metal construction instead of the plastic. You can use these fenders on your Jeep, if it’s a 1997 to 2006 Wrangler TJ. Quality Build. These fenders are great for if you do a lot of narrow trail runs and rub up against rocks often, because the steel construction will resist damage far better than the OE setup. These are 3/16-inch sheet steel, plus 2-inch tubing with a 0.12-inch wall thickness. A black powder coat finish helps them look good, and resist corrosion. Advanced Install. This is an involved, extensive installation process, since you have to cut off the factory fender, meaning this project isn’t for novices or anyone without a fair amount of experience. If you do decide to hand this one off to a shop, that’s okay. If not, plan on spending about 2 hours per side on the job, or 4 hours total. —————————————————————-
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