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How much does it cost to go drifting in Japan?

How much does it cost to go drifting in Japan?

In this video we chat about the costs of drifting in Japan as an outsider. The associated traveling costs, car costs, tires, lodging, etc. We can obviously understand that a trip to drift a car in Japan isn’t going to be cheap, but just how expensive is drifting completely away from your safety net? So please enjoy this little break down on the cost of drifting at my favorite place on earth, EBISU!!!! Obvious extra questions are: Why do we all drift JZX100 there? They are very reliable and Powervehicles has spare parts for them on hand.
How long do I typically stay? About 2 weeks. I spend most of my time at the track.
Why do I go? It is the purest form of drifting I have found, and drifting is my drug lol. Get as close to the source as possible! How much horse power do I need to drift there? You balance the tire size and pressure to the car and just drift whatever you have power wise, don’t try and build the car up to make more.

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via Lone Star Drift

January 9, 2018 at 08:44PM


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