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Borgward Isobella (1958)

Borgward Isobella (1958)

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Borgward Isobella (1958)

Borgward Hansa Isabella Coupe (1955-61) Engine 1494cc S4 OHV Production 202,862 (all types)

Registration Number VOV 321 (Birmingham)


Introduced along with its sister Cabriolet version of the Isabella family in 1955. Fitted with the upgraded TS engine and propelling the Coupe to around 95mph.

Until 1957 the name written on the diamond shaped badge in the front grille was Hansa 1500, retrospectively the name Isabella was introduced for models produced from 1954 to differentiate it from the previous Hansa 1500

The story goes that Carl Borgwards wife Elisabeth was desperate for a Coupe and wanted to purchase a Volkswagen Kharmann Ghia. The request was refused by Karl who developed this Coupe with his wife in mind. Elisabeth was presented with a Isabella Coupe, loved it and retained it for many years, until her death.

This car would appear to be unique, the Cabriolet and serves as a missing link between the Isabella Saloon and the factory built Isabella Coupe the specialist coach builder Karl Duetsch of Cologne produced a 2+2 Convertible version of the Saloon the Isabella Cabriolet and a 2+2 fixed head the Deutsch Coupe, only 23 were built and predate the differently styled factory built Isabella Coupe. No original cars survive today, and due to a factory fire destroying the records, Duetsch were unable to help Borgward enthusiast Nick Driscoll who had always wanted one. Work started in 2002 converting a 1958 Borgward that had already covered 250,000 in Nicks ownership. After extensive work by Nick including cutting and repositioning the roof removing the rear window and replacing the panel, strengthening, re-paneling to the interior, replacing the glass with toughened glass, alterations to the door panels, leading, and respraying. The car returned to the road to attend the 2004 International in Hann Munden.

After an engine failure the project was sidelined by other commitments until 2009 when it was replaced and further work was undertaken to realign and weld, sort the brakes and electrics test and road register in time for the 2009 International. The splendid result and Nicks dedication to the cause can be seen here.

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