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98 Chrysler New Yorker (5th Gen) 4 door Sedan (1964)

98 Chrysler New Yorker (5th Gen) 4 door Sedan (1964)

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98 Chrysler New Yorker (5th Gen) 4 door Sedan (1964)

Chrysler new Yorker (6th gen) (1960-64) Engine 413 cu in (6788cc) V8
Registration Number BOE 79 B

The Chrysler New Yorker name first appeared in1939 running through fourteen generations until discontinued in 1996, serving for sevral years as Chrysler flagship model.

The sixth generation debuted for the 1960 model year, with a unibody construction and powered by an RB engine carried over from the 5 th generation with a 350 bhp output.. Updated for 1961 with a new grille, slanted headlights, a continental kit on the boot lid The 413 CID "RB" Golden Lion V-8 continued
The 1962 model year saw the unique Chrysler fins disappear along with the two door models. the new design was not well recieved and sales fell compared to its entry level sister car, the Newport which was identical in body style and offered a convertible model.
sales improved for 1963 with the introduction of a groun breaking five-year/50,000-mile warranty. The New Yorker used Chrysler’s completely redesigned body with only the windshield showing traces of the previous Forward Look designs, although mechanically changes were negligable apart from upgrades to the brakes. A new, more luxurious Salon four-door hardtop was added at midyear as a trim package. Engine output was 340 hp
1964 was the final year of the 6 th generation New Yorker changes included a new grille, larger rear window and small tailfins giving the car a boxier look from the side. Canadians were given the choice of a new two-door hardtop, while Americans got the Salon option on the four-door hardtop

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Shot on 01.01.2015 at Brooklands New Years Day Classic Car Gathering Ref 104-098

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via Flickr: 1,000,000 Car Photos’s Photos Atom feed

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