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Top 5: Porsche Lays Out The Best Features Of 911 GT2 RS

Top 5: Porsche Lays Out The Best Features Of 911 GT2 RS

What is there to say about the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS that hasn’t already been said? At 690hp / 700PS, it’s the most powerful 911 ever made, which says plenty.

It’s a twin-turbocharged beast that’ll hit 211 mph and set a blistering lap time around a track. While scrolling through the GT2 RS’ lengthy specs sheet can be a daunting task, Porsche has released a new video to help enthusiasts come to grips with the new supercar.

Porsche’s tried to do a “Top 5” list on one of its high-performance vehicles before, but that didn’t go so well. This time around, the German automaker is doing things a little differently. Instead of just focusing on five interesting aspects of the GT2 RS, the automaker decided to hit a bunch of stuff under five major subheadings.

The major sections include: design and aerodynamics, sound, lightweight materials, driving behavior, and engine. Yes, those are five areas of the GT2 RS, but unlike last time, Porsche didn’t decide to focus on just five features. Remember last time when Porsche rambled about the 918 Spyder’s rear wing? Yeah, that doesn’t happen here.

Instead, the automaker provides a lot of cool features behind the car’s design. Those scoops on the hood, for example, help cool the brakes. Doing so from the hood is a first for Porsche, which usually does the job by channeling air that’s flowing under the car. That same feature has made its way onto the new 911 GT3 RS.

Another highlight of the GT2 RS is the way it sounds. Modern turbocharged engines don’t exactly have a lot of character, which is why automakers have resorted to piping fake noise into cabins. That’s not something Porsche wanted to do, so it studied another turbocharged car from its past – the 935 – and found a way to make a pure, unadulterated sound that’s pure Porsche.

This is a good video. And if you’re a fan of the GT2 RS – who isn’t? – you’ll learn a lot of nifty bits of information. Heck, there’s even a section full of drifting, which shows off Porsche’s fun side.


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March 14, 2018 at 08:54PM


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