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2018 BMW 540i 5-Series Parking Assistant Demonstration

2018 BMW 540i 5-Series Parking Assistant Demonstration

The Remote Control Parking feature enables drivers to park in narrow spaces without the hassle of getting in or out of the vehicle. Utilizing the Display Key, the all-new 5 Series is easily maneuvered into the parking spot with the driver only having to position the vehicle in front of the desired parking space. The driver can then start/stop the engine and oversee the control of the function operation from outside the vehicle. All acceleration and braking actions are monitored and controlled by the Park Distance Control (PDC), the Parking Assistant and the Surround View sensors, while the engine can be started and switched off with the Display Key.
The available Parking Assistant enables automated parking with the greatest of ease in both parallel parking spaces and perpendicular. Potential parking spaces now only have to be around 30-inches longer than the vehicle itself to be eligible, meaning that the system can maneuver the car into even smaller spots than before. The ultrasonic sensors detect suitable parking spaces up to a speed of 22 mph. The system then takes care of the entire parking procedure, including all necessary steering inputs, gear changes, acceleration and braking. In the case of parking spaces that are perpendicular, the system needs only around 15-inches of free space to each side of the car to trigger automated parking.
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via DPCcars

March 14, 2018 at 11:11PM

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