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50 Years of Driving Passion in Canada | Mazda Canada

50 Years of Driving Passion in Canada | Mazda Canada

Mazda Canada 50th Anniversary:
This year marks the 50th year anniversary for Mazda, maintaining a legacy of creativity and autmotive innovation. Mazda first introduced the rotary-powered Mazda R100 coupe in Canada back in 1968. Since then, we’ve celebrated a number of other technological breakthroughs and milestones in a long, successful hsitory:- 1968 – Mazda lands in Canada. 1968 – The rotary powered Mazda R100 coupe becomes the first Mazda car to be sold in Canada. 1969 – Mazda introduces the B series pickup truck – one of the longest running nameplates in Mazda history.
1970’s – Mazda “The more you look, the more you like”.
1971 – Mazda introduces the first of the legendary RX-2 series of sport cars. 1974 – Mazda introduces the rotary engined RX-7. 1977 – Mazda introduces the GLC (Great Little Car). 1978 – Mazda moves headquarters to Ontario to better serve its retail network. 1980’s – Mazda “Experience Mazda”. 1985 – Mazda introduces the Mazda 323 as the successor to the GLC.
1989 – Birth of Mazda’s iconic 2-seat roadster. 1989 – Mazda Protegé replaces the 323 line-up. 1990’s – Mazda “It just feels right”. 1991 – Mazda wins the 24 hours of Le Mans with the 787B, powered by a 26B Wankel Rotary Engine. 1992 – Mazda introduces the 3rd generation of the legendary twin-turbo RX-7.
1994 – The Millennia is introduced as Mazda’s flagship sedan.
1997 – Mazda unveils its new “Winged M” branding worldwide. 2000’s – Mazda “ZOOM ZOOM” 2000 – “Zoom Zoom” is introduced to capture the exhilaration of driving. 2002 – Mazda reaches the milestone of 1 million cars sold in Canada. 2003 – Mazda launches the all-new Mazda3 and Mazda6. 2004 – The RX-8 launches with unique rear-hinged back doors. 2006 – CX-7 becomes Mazda’s first crossover vehicle. 2009 – Mazda3 reaches 250,000 units sold in Canada and becomes the best-selling model of all time.
2010’s – Mazda “Driving Matters”. 2010 – Mazda introduces the KODO – soul of the motion design language. 2011 – Mazda develops SKYACTIV Technology. 2012 – Mazda CX-5 is the first fully SKYACTIV model for sale. 2012 – Mazda becomes official automotive partner of Canada Snowboard. 2015 – Mazda CX-3, our first subcompact crossover helps to define a new segment
2015 – Mazda released the 4th generation of the iconic MX-5
2016 – Mazda reaches milestone of 2 million cars sold in Canada
2016 – MX-5 hits 1 million in total global sales, retaining the Guinness World Record as the world’s best selling 2-seater sports car. The Future is bright for Mazda Canada. We look forward to another 50 years of inspiring driving passion!
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