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Lincoln Continental Could Already Be Cancelled

Lincoln Continental Could Already Be Cancelled

If current rumors emanating from the folks at Ford Authority are true, the Lincoln Continental’s days are numbered. The website is reporting that Lincoln’s reborn flagship is slated to once again disappear after the current generation runs its course. As to exactly how long that might be is unclear, but with the Continental having debuted for the 2017 model year, seeing it disappear in 2019 or 2020 isn’t out of the question.

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That’s especially true if sedan sales – and specifically for the Continental – continue the downward trend. December 2016 was the best month for Lincoln’s luxury sedan with just over 1,845 units sold. Sales fell to 1,167 the following month and fluxuated around the 1,000 mark for most of 2017, spiking back to 1,216 last December. 2018 hasn’t been so kind thus far, with just 815 sales in January and 758 in February – an all-time low for the sedan.

If there’s a tiny bit of light in this news, it’s that sedan sales for pretty much all brands and models are spiraling downward. That’s because more people are saying goodbye to the sedan and its traditional role as the family car in favor of the new family conveyance of choice, SUVs and crossovers. Sales for these models are way up, and it seems nothing short of a law banning such vehicles will stop them.

Our take on the Continental:

Ford CEO Jim Hackett has made no bones about cutting back the Blue Oval’s sedan portfolio in favor of more popular – and profitable – SUVs. Lincoln falls under the Ford umbrella, and with an updated Navigator gaining much praise, the rumors of a Continental cancellation aren’t exactly tough to believe. As purveyors of all things automotive, Lincoln’s flagship was really starting to grow on us – its style and features culminate in a refreshing luxury sedan that’s right-at-home with its German competition.

Perhaps the rumor will prove untrue, or perhaps executives in Dearborn will have a change of heart. With the SUV train proving to be unstoppable, however, this is a rumor that sadly is easy to believe.

Source:  Ford Authority

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March 14, 2018 at 11:31PM


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