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Mercedes Sales Boss Announces A Seven-Seat Compact Model

Mercedes Sales Boss Announces A Seven-Seat Compact Model

Mercedes recently introduced the all-new A-Class and we’re starting to learn more about the other compact models that will follow in the next few years.

We’ve already seen several of the upcoming vehicles – including the A-Class sedan, GLB and CLA – and Mercedes will continue to offer the B-Class despite the fact that sales have fallen by nearly 50% since 2012. While is seems odd that company would continue to produce the slow selling model, Mercedes sales and marketing boss Britta Seeger told Automotive News Europe the B-Class is in a “significant and promising segment so we will replace it.”

Seeger went on to say the company will offer a compact model with seven seats. While she wouldn’t reveal whether the seven-seat model would be a crossover or an MPV to battle the BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer, many are expecting a seven-seat version of the GLB. This makes sense as crossovers are significantly more popular than MPVs and they sell well in a variety of markets.

Whatever form the seven-seat model takes, it will be one of nine compact models from Mercedes-Benz. The company hasn’t revealed all of the upcoming vehicles but the list will include the A-Class sedan and hatchback, the redesigned CLA and a new GLA. There will also be the B-Class and the all-new GLB.

Besides talking about the upcoming family of compact vehicles, Seeger confirmed the next-generation S-Class will become the company’s first model to offer a Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system. She also said the company is “very satisfied” with its diesel engines and their sales.

While diesel vehicles will remain in the company’s lineup, Seeger said approximately 15-25% of the company’s products will be electrified by 2025. The exact product mix remains to be seen as Seeger said “Time and consumers will tell us which percentage will be full-electric, plug-in hybrid, 48-volt hybrid, gasoline and diesel.”

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March 14, 2018 at 10:56PM


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