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SBC-Swapped Brazilian: 1982 Puma GTB S2

SBC-Swapped Brazilian: 1982 Puma GTB S2

This 1982 Puma GTB S2 (VIN P150717) is one of 888 second-series, Brazilian-born coupes made for the home market. These interesting machines featured GM-based running gear and chassis, fiberglass bodywork, and an upscale leather interior with power accessories and A/C, though this one’s original Stovebolt six has been swapped out for a 327 SBC. The seller notes a full restoration at some point as well, but details are generally pretty scarce–fortunately the car looks to be quite nice throughout. Find it here on in Melbourne, Australia for 19,900 AUD (~$15,600 USD today).

SBC-Swapped Brazilian: 1982 Puma GTB S2

No front end shots are available, but the rest of the car looks great wearing bright red paint. It holds a nice gloss, and shows no waviness or obvious panel alignment issues either. It looks like the hood was modified to accept the taller engine and its intake setup, but otherwise the exterior seems pretty close to stock. What may be factory five-point wheels look like they’ve been refinished, and are wearing newer looking rubber.

SBC-Swapped Brazilian: 1982 Puma GTB S2

The GTB was ranked as the most expensive Brazilian-produced car throughout its lifetime, and as such was handsomely styled with good quality materials throughout the cabin. Comfy looking leather seats appear to be factory spec, while A/C and power windows play to the upscale theme.

SBC-Swapped Brazilian: 1982 Puma GTB S2

The original Chevy-based 250ci inline-six has been ditched in favor of a 5.3 liter GM V8. The ad doesn’t specify if the motor came from a crate or donor vehicle, but it looks the business with old-school Mickey Thompson aluminum rocker covers and a neat, tidy engine bay. All accessories, hoses, and lines appear to be pretty fresh, and there’s no signs of leaks or aging apart from the yellowed plastic reservoirs.

SBC-Swapped Brazilian: 1982 Puma GTB S2

The car’s good looks, American V8 power, and low maintenance bodywork means there’s a lot to like here, and a quick price check on shipping to the West Coast suggests that this car could be purchased and brought over to the US for under $20k all-in.

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March 14, 2018 at 10:34PM


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