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SUBARU BOXER Engine Explained (2018 Updated)

SUBARU BOXER Engine Explained (2018 Updated)

How do SUBARU BOXER engines work? SUBARU BOXER engine explained.
If you’ve ever wondered why Subaru vehicles last so long, consider this: At the heart of every Subaru vehicle, you’ll find the SUBARU BOXER engine. Unlike most engine designs, such as inline and V-type, the BOXER engine features pistons that move in opposition to each other due to its unique horizontal layout, resulting in balanced, smoother operation.
What are the advantages of the SUBARU BOXER engine?
1. Low profile, providing lower center of gravity for predictable handling.
2. Produces less vibration than other engine designs.
3. SUBARU BOXER engines help enhance overall vehicle safety and longevity.
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March 15, 2018 at 01:57AM

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