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23 Alvis 12-50 SC Ducksback (1924)

23 Alvis 12-50 SC Ducksback (1924)

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23 Alvis 12-50 SC Ducksback (1924)

Alvis 12/50 (1923-32) Engine 1589cc S4 OHV Production 3705

Registration Number XW 5448 (London C)


Introduced in 1923 the 12/50 became a very important model in the Alvis range It went through a series of versions, with the last ones being made in 1932. A range of factory bodies (made by Carbodies and Cross & Ellis) could be specified in two- or four-seat form, with either open or closed bodies. The first models were designated SA and SB and had a 1496 cc 4-cylinder overhead valve engine in a chassis with a wheelbase of 108.5 in and 112,5 inches for the SB.

The SC arrived in Autumn 1924 for the 1925 model year with a larger 1598 cc engine (unless the 1496 cc unit was specified for sporting use) and, like all the remaining cars, the longer chassis. Front wheel brakes were offered as an option on this model.

The 1926 TE had a new stronger chassis and a new 1645cc engine with the TF retaining the smaller 1496cc unit. A single-plate clutch replaced the previous cone type, and for these and all subsequent 12/50s the engine was bolted directly to the chassis, from the TE/TF onwasrds all 12/50’s came with four wheel brakes as standard.

In 1927 the two models were replaced by the TG (1645cc) and the SD (1496cc) The TG was the standard ‘touring’ model, while the SD – powered by the 1496cc engine, now fitted with a large-port cylinder head was the more sporty option. Also available with these two models was the TH with the gearbox and rear axle ratios of the ‘touring’ TG, but the sub-1500cc engine of the SD. The TG and SD models were available until 1929.

The 12/50 was withdrawn from 1929 to 1930 with Alvis concentrating on their front wheel drive models. But sales were slow and the 12/50 was re-introduced. as the 1645 cc 1931 TJ continuing until 1932. The TJ is referred to by Alvis historians as being from the ‘revival period’, and it differs from its predecessor in a number of ways, notably coil instead of magneto ignition, deep chromed radiator shell, and rear petrol tank in place of the scuttle-mounted tank on most older 12/50s.

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Shot at the VSCC Spring Start, Silverstone 18:04:2015 Ref 105-23

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