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Part 3 – Metalcloak Rear Overline Fender Install 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK

Part 3 – Metalcloak Rear Overline Fender Install 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK

This is Part Three. In this video I get the the holes drilled for the exo-skin and spend a lot of time talking tips about rivet nut (rivnut) installation. I also discovered I have a modify the exoskin so that they will play nicely with my Rock Hard 4X4 sliders… not ideal, but it is what it is. I’m installing Metalcloak Overline Tube Fenders on my 2015 Jeep JK Unlimited Wrangler. I am also installing the standard overline flares, Metalcloak inner fender liners, the rear overline fenders with exoskin, and the rear corner skins with LED tail lights.
The JK Wrangler Overline™ Tube Fender gains the most tire clearance in the industry. Period. Fit 37’s on Stock JK with No Lift! Redefines the lines of the JK Rock-Biting Reinforcement for Lay-on-the-Rocks strength Easy to Install
Metalcloak’s JK Wrangler Standard Edition Overline Front Flares are the most popular option – providing 8" (1" wider than stock) of easily removable coverage for you JK. Metalcloak Overlines are the original and only Steel Removable Fender allowing you to run 37’s on a stock JK.
Ball Lock Joints secure each end of the Flare for incredible strength while providing the best Turning Clearance, best Object Deflection Angle and best Tire Clearance in the industry.
The JK Wrangler Standard Rear Flare is our mid width flare offering 6′ of tire coverage. This is the only Quick Release Jeep Rear Flare in the industry. Dovetailed for the best Object Deflection Angle, the Ball Lock Joints secure Flares for incredible strength and tub protection with just the right amount of clearance and coverage.
The JK Wrangler 4 Door Rear Flare Mounting ExoSkins provide additional strength to the vulnerable rear wheel well opening. Designed specifically as a mounting system for Quick Release rear flares, the flare mounting hardware is built right in.
The JK Wrangler ExoCorner LED Kit provides additional strength and rock-biting protection to the vulnerable corner of your 2-door or 4-door JK without the extensive body mods required with other corner guards. Designed as a kit to work with the MetalCloak ExoSkins and Rear Stock Corner Plates, the parts can also be purchased individually.

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