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Tesla Model 3 Production Temporarily Halted Yet Again

Tesla Model 3 Production Temporarily Halted Yet Again

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has stopped production of the Model 3 again.

That’s the second time this year.

Production problems might not normally make such news – after all, Tesla is a small automaker that’s both attempting to grow and bring a new model, it’s first truly mass-market model, to production.

But the Model 3 has been much hyped and hotly anticipated. Not only that, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made grand promises in the past.

Just last week, he told CBS News that the current production rate of 2,000 vehicles per week was sustainable and that he expected production to increase by threefold or fourfold in the second quarter.

Instead, the factory in Fremont, California is pausing as Tesla works to “improve automation.”

Tesla even released the same statement to news outlets that it did the first time.

Adding fuel to the public-relations fire is that Tesla has made headlines unrelated to production problems in recent weeks. Controversy over its involvement in the investigation of a fatal accident involving one of its vehicles (which had Autopilot engaged at the time of the crash) is another way Tesla is generating headlines. So, too, is the company under fire for how it handles workplace safety, unionization efforts, and the media.

Tesla is operating under an intense spotlight, one that the company itself helped generate. So it’s understandable that Tesla might face extra scrutiny as it works to bring the Model 3 to market. Add in the anticipation over the 3, and any delay is going to get attention.

Based on Musk’s interview with CBS news and one of his tweets, it appears that he feels that over-reliance on robots has slowed production. Whether it’s an issue with how the robots are programmed or the division of labor between humans and robots that’s causing the problem is unclear.

[Image: Tesla]

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