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Tiki Drive

Tiki Drive

rod1691 has added a photo to the pool:

Tiki Drive

Today’s story and sketch "by me" you see Bert and Sileen Wabootie cruising in their 1955 Cameo pick up at Mab’s Tiki Stop, picking up a few Security Tiki’s to guard their Playa Beautimus Retirement Resort lot. Bert and Sileen are taking a commercial star ship to Mars to visit their 17 children, and will be leaving their 24 foot RV at Playa Beautimus. Sileen had second thoughts of Bert piloting their galaxy glider RV after their trip last year when Bert got totally lost in a galaxy far far away. When they didn’t show up on Mars for a grand kids birthday party, their son Joff called the number one missing parent locator in the Galaxy, the "Rescue Randy Bounty Hunter and Missing Parents Agency". Randy found the couple in only a few weeks after watching Worm Hole CCTV recordings, he located them on the planet Zeewatt. They were lost but fine, with the RV parked on a sandy beach next to a Zeewatt Forest. Zeewatt trees are a prickly high alcohol content banana which make excellent Moon Pies and adult Smoothies. Sileen dug up a few small Zeewatt Palms to take back to their Play Beautimus half acre RV lot, which are doing fine in the 130 degree Mohave Desert daylight. They are here today getting the Security Tiki’s for the Zeewatt’s. But they are a story for another
time, until then taa ta the Rod Blog

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via Flickr: Car-Parazzi’s Photos Atom feed

April 17, 2018 at 03:57PM


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