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Alejandro’s Final Project: De Tomaso Guarà Coupe

Alejandro’s Final Project: De Tomaso Guarà Coupe

This De Tomaso Guarà is one of roughly 50 built as the last project overseen by Alejandro de Tomaso. The ad doesn’t give a date of manufacture, but the car’s mid-mounted 32V Ford V8 identifies it as a later model built between 1998 and 2004–earlier cars used a BMW eight. Said to be “like new, in perfect condition,” with just 2k km worth of use, its fiberglass and Kevlar body certainly looks to be in good shape. Described in-period as highly agile but slightly nervous-handling car, it looks great in a very 90’s kind of way and is definitely an interesting piece of automotive history–time to add some miles! Find it here on Autoscout24 in Modena, Italy for 162k euros (~194k USD today). Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.

Alejandro's Final Project: De Tomaso Guarà Coupe

Introduced at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show and styled by Carlo Gaino of Synthesis Design, the Guarà utilized a body made from fiberglass and Kevlar over a backbone-style chassis. Originally powered by BMW’s M62 V8, the car also boasted pushrod-actuated dampers at both ends, working in combo with four-wheel double-wishbone suspension–truly cutting-edge race car stuff, and perhaps not what might be expected of a company in dire financial straits at the time of development.

Alejandro's Final Project: De Tomaso Guarà Coupe

Minimal overhangs, slotted covers over the taillights and a rear design that reminds us vaguely of the Lotus Elan all make for a compelling little package. We bet the rear-mounted Ford V8 sounds great through the pea-shooter exhaust, but potential buyers may be interested to know there’s no trunk thanks to the exotic suspension setup.

Alejandro's Final Project: De Tomaso Guarà Coupe

The interior looks untouched and a good deal more comfortable than that of the Barchetta example linked above. Switchgear and instruments appear to be BMW sourced, seats are deeply bolstered, and as befits a very low-production, hand-built vehicle, everything looks just a bit kit-carish.

Alejandro's Final Project: De Tomaso Guarà Coupe

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see the 4.6 liter 32-valve Ford V8, but in this configuration it should be good for 320 HP even though the ad states just 305. Twist is transmitted through a 6-speed manual, and the combination should be both reliable and quick given the Guarà’s weight of ~3000 pounds. If that’s not enough, you could always make a tribute to the planned-but-never-built supercharged version with help from the Ford performance parts catalog.

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