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German authorities call for Porsche to recall 60,000 diesel Macans and Cayennes

German authorities call for Porsche to recall 60,000 diesel Macans and Cayennes

Macan S Diesel

The discontinued Macan S Diesel runs with an Audi-sourced V6…

Stuttgart brand’s Audi-engined models are claimed to feature an emissions defeat device

Porsche has been asked by German automotive regulator KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) to recall 60,000 diesel-engined Macan and Cayenne models running with emissions defeat devices.

The Audi-produced 3.0-litre V6 Euro 6 diesel engine used in the two models was found to have lower emissions during lab testing, constituting a test cheat device — and linking the cars to the Dieselgate scandal.

It’s estimated that around 125,000 cars globally could use the engine in question.

A Porsche UK spokesman was unable to comment at this stage but said the firm would respond with an official statement today.

Porsche order books temporarily closed amid WLTP changes

Neither the Cayenne S Diesel (above) nor Macan S Diesel (top) is currently on sale. The Macan oil-burner was dropped along with the Panamera diesel earlier this year due to low sales, while the latest-generation Cayenne diesel is not due out until next year.

Porsche has come under increasing pressure in recent months as part of continued investigations into the Volkswagen Group diesel scandal.

Earlier this year, one Porsche board member became a focus for German authorities. That person is one of three unnamed suspects involved, including an individual from a high management position and a former Porsche employee, who are thought to have known about the group’s emissions cheat software.

Porsche’s involvement in the scandal has so far been linked to its use of Audi diesel engines. VW Group CEO Herbert Diess recently admitted that his company has played a leading part in contributing to the recent demise of diesel. “As Europe’s biggest car maker, we need to break new ground for diesel engines," he said. "It’s due in part to us that diesel has wrongfully fallen into disrepute."

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May 18, 2018 at 03:13PM


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