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Why Williams can’t compete with F1’s big boys

Why Williams can’t compete with F1’s big boys

With two victories from the previous 15 Formula 1 seasons, Williams finds itself in a vicious cycle of losing. One of the reasons behind that accounts for the current divide among teams, and explains why Williams has championed Liberty’s vision for…

When you think of Williams it’s hard not to imagine Nelson Piquet or Nigel Mansell on a blistering qualifying lap at Silverstone. That iconic yellow, blue and white Canon-sponsored livery in a blur, flat-out around the old Club. Or picture those angular blue and gold Rothmans machines with Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve duking it out victoriously against Michael Schumacher in the mid-’90s.

Co-founders Frank Williams and Patrick Head were an obsessive mix of passion and regimented order, Head happily barking instructions to anyone within earshot. Once, when a journalist wanted to know why the engine cover was off the back of a Williams shortly before the start of a race, he asked Head what the problem was. “We’re not quick enough” came the reply. With Patrick you always got a straight-talking, no nonsense answer. A racer at heart.

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May 18, 2018 at 03:00PM


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