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GM Flex Fuel sensor failure or DUMB MISTAKE? Good thing I caught it!

GM Flex Fuel sensor failure or DUMB MISTAKE? Good thing I caught it!

One simple trick fixed this dumb mistake! While hooking up my AEM GM Flex Fuel sensor, I ran into a crazy issue where the ethanol content values were reading extremely high and low! At first I thought I had a failed flex fuel sensor near me. It was telling me I had 65,480% ethanol content without the sensor even touching fuel! Not sure how to fix it, I called AEM and went through a bunch of wiring hassle just to find out it was this one simple fix.
I called everywhere looking for a resolution. I even called my local Autozone and checked to see if they had a replacement OEM or aftermarket GM E85 Flex Fuel sensor! They didn’t, and I’m glad that they were out of stock because it forced me to keep looking for the answer. It turned out to be a flex fuel sensor wiring problem the whole time. Moral of the story, check your wiring because most of the time it’s not a failed sensor, it’s failed user error.

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via Michael Berenis

June 12, 2018 at 04:49AM

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