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A TURBO Acura TL? That’s a First For Us!

A TURBO Acura TL? That’s a First For Us!

Turbo Acura TL at a Drag Strip? – That’s a First For Us! A bit unusual setup on it’s own, but to see one at a drag strip caught us off guard! However, this seemed to be the theme of the weekend and all sorts of unexplainable things went down at our local drag strip! From Beater Bomb losing all the way to cars doing 360’s in the middle of the track, and at that point we figured why not get real weird and throw some bike racing into the mix! 1320Video is a proud supporter of local racing and we try to make sure we show some love to the local racers and track whenever we can, so attending The Shop Inc’s “Head’s Up” No Prep Event at our local I29 Dragway was a must! Each of these no prep events grows bigger and the variety of cars that shows up raises the bar a little bit higher each time! Drawing all kinds of midwest projects, builds and even some of Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaw’s”, these events are a no brainer!
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June 15, 2018 at 01:32AM

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