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Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford F250 “Crown Hick”

Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford F250 “Crown Hick”

This 1969 Ford F250 has been shortened over 14″ and mated to the largely stock guts and chassis of a 52k-mile 2008 P71 cop package Crown Victoria. Looking all the world like an old farm workhorse, the ruck is described as being a “cool daily driver with cold A/C, that you don’t have to worry about getting dirty or scratching.” Powered by a modular SOHC 4.6 liter V8 backed by the factory 4-speed automatic, we imagine it drives a lot like the Crown Vic it now essentially is. We’ve seen a similar build on Motortrend’s Hot Rod Garage (here, here and here), but still dig this oddball quite a bit. Find it here on Craigslist in Las Vegas, Nevada for $12k OBO. Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.

Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford  F250 "Crown Hick"

Chevrolet C-10’s are hot right now, but we think Ford’s bumpside trucks are every bit as good looking. Lowered over stock P71 wheels, this one just looks like trouble–perfect for laying down donuts and all sorts of other antisocial behavior. Note the modified front bumper.

Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford  F250 "Crown Hick"

While surface rust seems to be a mix of real wear-and-tear and some faux-tina, we still think it looks cool. The exhaust was made from modifying the original P71 H-pipe that now dumps out each side through what we think is a Borla cat-back system. Note the tidy cut line where bed was bobbed.

Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford  F250 "Crown Hick"

In order to fit over the new chassis, the bed floor was cut out and replaced with sealed hardwood. Interestingly, the ammo box holds the fuel filler which remains in the stock Crown Vic location.

Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford  F250 "Crown Hick"

Full-frame photos of the cab interior aren’t provided, but we’re impressed by how well the newer dash was incorporated, even though we’d much prefer the original truck setup. The steering wheel was sourced from a Town Car, dash trim painted and patina’d to match the truck, windshield molding replaced, and plaid couch upholstery was applied to various surfaces including the doors. Note the double-din sized hole where the stereo was.

Police Interceptor Guts: 1969 Ford  F250 "Crown Hick"

Unfortunately, the only photo of the engine bay is pretty blurry, but the two-valve 4.6 (280ci), which was factory rated at 250 HP and 297 lb. ft., seems to fit fairly well behind the F250 grille. The factory Crown Vic 4R75W tranny passes power to a 3.55 geared rear end, and performance upgrades are limited to a DiabloSport i2 tuner and a cold air intake made with “original truck sheet metal” and a conical air filter.

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June 15, 2018 at 03:14AM


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