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Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

This 1961 Holiday House Geographic (chassis S10072414) is believed to be one of seven made during the early 1960’s, just a few of which survive. Conceived as a high-end travel trailer for well-heeled buyers, the original project codename was Model X, with respected industrial designer Chuck Pelly (who later founded and led BMW DesignworksUSA in California) credited with its wonderful Space Age styling. Recently treated to what’s described as a no-expense-spared restoration, the camper has been gone through from top to bottom, with new hardware and running gear below, a completely revamped interior with lots of luxurious black walnut, and a refinished and re-coated exterior. Modern amenities have been added throughout, but the trailer still retains a period vibe, and Mr. Pelly has added his signature to a few places while it was on display earlier this year. Find it here on eBay in Bend, Oregon for $250k OBO. Special thanks to BaT reader Anthony M. for this submission.

Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

Production estimates range between a single unit and up to seven, though to us the chassis number of this one suggests that it may have been among the last of a small group. Archival photos and older images show a few different paint schemes having been offered, most of which seemed to use the center-dividing belt line has a border between the two tones. The exterior of this example has been professionally refinished using champagne gold for the majority and moss green to break things up. Bronze pin striping is also mentioned, while other exterior highlights include new running gear such as the axle, brakes, wheels and a new set of Diamond Back trailer tires. There’s also an awning, which is made of vintage style fabric. While the majority of conventional travel trailers used corrugated metal and later fiberglass, many high-end designs of this era featured more expressive styling and curved panoramic windows that were very expensive to produce. All restoration work here was completed by Flyte Camp, a shop that specializes in revitalizing special old trailers.

Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

The interior is stunning, lined with rich, dark woods on the walls, floors, and cabinets. It sounds like just about everything in sight is new. Soft white LED lighting has been used in various places, along with the original sconces and fixtures, while conventional 110 outlets and 12-volt sockets are also present throughout, working in combo with a 2000 watt inverter. The refrigerator is a three-way unit (gas, 12V, 110V), and the kitchen has stainless steel countertops and a two-burner stove. There’s also an LP-powered hot water heater, air conditioning system, and heat pump.

Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

Upholstery looks to be a vintage tweed pattern, seen on the couch and other seating area, both of which are convertible for sleeping. Drapes are custom using the exterior color scheme, and the floors and other pieces of trim feature aluminum details.

Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

More aluminum is used in the bathroom, which shows more of the same cabinetry and wall coverings. The seller makes note of Marmoleum flooring and walnut countertops, while the shower is made of stainless steel but with a teak pan liner. Storage capacities for fresh and gray water are 35 and 40 gallons respectively, while there’s also a 35-gallon black holding tank. The electrical system is wired in with four 6-volt coach batteries, and is reportedly ready to accept a solar charging setup. Other photos of the interior show Chuck Pelly’s signature appearing in a few nondescript places.

Restored Space Age Beauty: 1961 Holiday House Geographic

Information is scarce on these wonderful trailers, with just one semi-recent sale dating to 2011–that unit now resides in France. This one appears to have been beautifully and sympathetically redone, and stays true to the original design and era despite some thoughtful modernization.

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