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New Lotus Esprit Study Envisions The Brand’s 2020 Flagship Supercar

New Lotus Esprit Study Envisions The Brand’s 2020 Flagship Supercar

New Lotus Esprit Study Envisions The Brand’s 2020 Flagship Supercar

Lotus is set to unveil a new flagship model in 2020, which will be positioned above the Evora within the British automaker’s lineup. That car should essentially be a descendant of the iconic Esprit.

Perhaps Lotus will even choose to resurrect this nameplate, although nothing’s been confirmed as of right now. Still, if they do, and if they actually use the Esprit as inspiration, the end result might even end up looking a little something like this.

This render was drawn up by Pol Santos and it represents a modern take on the Esprit, while keeping some of the original car’s design traits alive, such as the aesthetic of the hood, door-mounted side mirrors or the way the rear winglets curve downward on its massive rear spoiler.

Everything else is however considerably different. While the original Esprit had a lot of sharp, angular surfaces to it, this render is a lot more curvy and has a very muscular rear end to go with its massive wheels. Side visibility might not be as good as in the real thing, but the panoramic windshield is definitely big enough to make the cabin feel more airy.

Would Lotus really build such a car in the near future? We’re not sure, especially since the automaker is currently very keen on creating lightweight track-focused sports cars, with its future flagship also said to be extremely light on its feet. Yet, it would be cool to see a genuine Lotus-badged Jaguar F-Type rival, wouldn’t it?


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July 12, 2018 at 03:14AM


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