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Rezvani TANK Military Edition

Rezvani TANK Military Edition

A formidable addition to the Rezvani collection, TANK Military Edition takes the TANK’s extreme capabilities to a new level. “We’ve upped the ante with the new TANK Military edition,” said CEO Ferris Rezvani. “After the success of TANK, we decided to build a machine with the ultimate security features while maintaining extreme luxury. Designed to withstand urban terrain or apocalyptic attack, TANK is that extreme tactical urban vehicle equipped to handle it all. Distinctive Design, Inside and Out
Under the direction of CEO Ferris Rezvani, Samir Sadikhov’s award-winning design style evolves to include the Rezvani TANK, which integrates the aggressive, streamlined approach used previously on a new, more mainstream vehicles.
TANK Military Edition includes standard features such as:
Glass armor rated to B7 (high caliber weapons)
Ballistics Level 7 armor around driver and passenger compartment Thermal night vision system
B o m b protection
Kevlar wrapped fuel tank
Radiator protection
Reinforced suspension
Ram Bumpers
Military Runflat Tires
Electrified Door Handles
Siren PA with Horn Options
Strobe Lights
Blinding Lights
Intercom System
Magnetic Dead Bolts
Gas masks
First Aid kits
Hypothermia kit
Drivers are also able to choose from a range of adjustable suspension settings, seat styles, leather options and colors. Pricing
With a starting price of $295,000, the TANK Military Edition provides the ultimate of luxury, security and extreme offroad capability for the road. Get More Great Car Videos – Subscribe:

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July 12, 2018 at 02:24AM

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