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Pocket PWC: 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate

Pocket PWC: 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate

This 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate is described as possibly the nicest original example left. We’ve never seen one before, but it’s a compelling little package, offering seating for three including the joystick-wielding driver in a package smaller than many modern Jet-skis. Power comes from a 52 HP 650cc two-stroke twin lifted from a period Kawasaki PWC, and just 1,200 or so were exported to the US between ’89 and ’92. The seller says this one benefits from new crank seals and a rebuilt top end, and further notes that the OEM trailer, a custom boat cover and both service and owner’s manuals are included. Find it here on Craigslist in Plymouth, Minnesota for $3,900 OBO. Special thanks to BaT reader Rob G. for this submission.

Pocket PWC: 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate

Produced from 1989 until 1992, just 1,200 or so were exported to the States. The Jet Mate blended Kawasaki’s proven 650cc two-stroke twin engine and a single axial-flow jet pump from their 650-class standup Jet Ski with a boat-like twin-hull, seating for three and novel joy-stick control. Able to deliver ~550 lbs of thrust, they’re reportedly good for 30 MPH flat-out–plenty on water in a craft of this size. With a dry weight of ~500 lbs and the OEM trailer, you could tow it behind just about anything.

Pocket PWC: 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate

Seen from the front, the overall layout is easy to grasp. While the joystick provides directional and speed control, reverse is operated via a switch or other similar, separate system. The front seat covers the two-stroke twin which according to the seller features new crank seals, a new top end, a rebuilt carburetor and new fuel lines. A Skat-Trak impeller and a Jetsport intake grate have been added, the original bilge pump and blower are both said to work, and the bright red upholstery is said to be original.

Pocket PWC: 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate
Pocket PWC: 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate

Positioned between the aftermarket rear boarding steps is the exit for the jet pump. As this website goes into great detail regarding, operation in principle is a lot like blowing up a balloon and letting it loose to fly around. This thing looks like loads of fun, and chances are you won’t see another out on the lake or the coast.

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