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Daniel Ricciardo Explains How He’d Like To Shake Up The F1 Calendar

Daniel Ricciardo Explains How He’d Like To Shake Up The F1 Calendar

Over the last couple of decades, the F1 calendar has massively expanded – not just in terms of the number of races, but because of the countries it visits. Rather than being a European-centric series with a few odd flyaways it has become a much more global sport, with more races especially in Asia and the Middle East.

This has led to some odd arrangements in the calendar – Bahrain and China were back-to-back races earlier in the year, and the Russian and Japanese Grands Prix fall on consecutive weekends later on. We asked Ricciardo his thoughts on the current set-up and he said he’d like to see a change:

As well as making more logistical sense, Ricciardo added that it would actually allow people to enjoy the part of the world they’re in rather than focusing so much on trying to get to the next race:

What exactly would he do with his extra time? Well, it sounds like he’s already got some rough plans in his mind…

Ricciardo also suggested that the demands of the current schedule take up so much time that if things didn’t change, it’d likely be the biggest factor in when he decides to call time on his F1 career.

Thankfully, Ricciardo’s retirement is likely to be a long way off, but he makes some good points. If you grouped all the races together, starting with the Asian rounds, moving into the Middle East and then Europe before having the final rounds in the Americas, it’d make a whole lot of sense. Then again, there are reasons why certain races are where they are on the calendar. Whether organisers would be willing to move the date of their race for a benefit they likely wouldn’t feel the results of is another matter.

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August 12, 2018 at 05:12PM


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