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2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury: Complete Photo Gallery

2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury: Complete Photo Gallery

Previously, we’ve shown you the 2019 Cadillac XT4 in its base trim level called Luxury. Today, we have a new gallery of photos of the XT4 in Premium Luxury trimmings, which we haven’t seen before.

Part of Cadillac’s new “Y trim level” strategy, the Premium Luxury trim slots one level above the base “Luxury” trim and focuses on shiny appointments and luxurious features and ride characteristics. To note, the Y trim level undertaking consists of the following trim level options on the 2019 XT4:

  • XT4 Luxury, which serves as the base and delivers a standard level of equipment
    • XT4 Premium Luxury, which builds on the Luxury trim with more content while adding bright body accents
    • XT4 Sport, which builds on the Luxury trim with with more content while adding sportier accents that are blacked-out or body-color

We caught up with not one, but two distinct XT4 Premium Luxury models. Both are coated in Twilight Blue Metallic, but one is equipped with AWD while wearing the stock 10-spoke Pearl Nickel 18-inch wheels, while the other is FWD and rides on the optional 9-spoke Diamond Cut/Medium Android 20-inch wheels.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury in Twilight Blue Metallic GA0 with 18 inch 10-spoke wheels REP  - July 2018 009

Despite their similar appearance, there are two key differences between both vehicles outside of the wheels with which they’re equipped. The first difference is that the model with the 20-inch wheels has integrated turn signal indicators in the outside mirrors. This means that it’s equipped with the optional Enhanced Visibility Package that includes:

The second difference between the two Premium Luxury XT4 units seen here lies in the headlamps. All XT4 units come with standard LED headlamps regardless of model or trim level, but the model with the vertical LED light signature on the model with the 20-inch wheels runs deeper. That’s because it’s equipped with the Technology Package that includes the following content:

The differences between these two XT4 Premium Luxury models end there. Now let’s look at what’s common to all XT4 Premium Luxury units.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury - 18 inch Pearl Nickel Wheels vs 20 inch Medium Android Wheels - Front Three Quarters View

Up front is a grille with bright accents and galvano surround (the same as on the base model).

A Medium Silver lower fascia insert is what sets apart the Premium Luxury model. The base Luxury model has an all-black lower front fascia, while the Sport model adds a shiny black insert.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury - 18 inch Pearl Nickel Wheels vs 20 inch Medium Android Wheels - Side View

The bright body accents carry over to the side of the XT4 Premium Luxury trim, with bright brushed aluminum finish moldings around the windows. Notably, the base XT4 Luxury trim has these elements as well, but the Premium Luxury trim features illuminated body-color door handles with satin chrome accents. By comparison, the base Luxury trim gets the same door handles but without the illumination feature.

The Medium Silver lower accent insert that started out front is also present on the side, where it adorns the sills. Base models have an all-black lower sill while Sport models have a shiny black insert.


2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury - 18 inch Pearl Nickel Wheels vs 20 inch Medium Android Wheels - Rear Three Quarters View

At the rear, the XT4 Premium Luxury features a Medium Silver lower fascia insert with a unique design around the tailpipes. Both elements set the Premium Luxury trim apart from the base Luxury model, which has a regular black lower fascia insert. The Sport model has a shiny insert.

The LED taillamps are shared with the base XT4 Luxury trim. The XT4 Sport gets clear rear lenses.

XT4 Premium Luxury With 18-Inch Wheels (AWD)

The 18-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with a pearl nickel finish (RPO Code REP) are included only with the Premium Luxury trim level, and serve as the standard wheels for the trim level

They don’t necessarily look bad, and we prefer them over the 18-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with a bright silver finish (same design wheel with a different finish) that are standard on the base XT4 Luxury trim. However, the rims don’t fill out the large wheel wells enough for us to really like them.

XT4 Premium Luxury With 20-Inch Wheels (FWD)

Now that’s more like it: we prefer these 20-inch 9-spokers to the 18-inch units on the previous model.

Cadillac refers to these rims as as “Dynamic 9-spoke alloy with Diamond Cut/Medium Android finish”. They are assigned RPO Code RQA and are wrapped in all-season tires. They are available across any XT4 trim level, be it the base Luxury, the Premium Luxury seen here, or the Sport.

The 20s fill out the wheel wells much better, thereby giving the small crossover a more commanding presence and stance.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Photo Gallery

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