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Yesterday’s comments of note

Yesterday’s comments of note

A few of the comments that stood out to us yesterday:

1967 Ferrari 330GT 2+2

“ho happy day”

1961 Chevrolet Corvette 283/315 Fuelie 4-Speed

“Seller: Could I get a photo of….

No wait. I found it.”

1971 Honda CB750 K1

“My very first motorcycle was the exact twin of this one. Saw it in a showroom, bought it and asked for it to be delivered to my driveway. LOL. I could not tell the salesperson that I did not know how to ride a motorcycle.
Delivered at 6pm.
At 1 am I had read the book and rode it around the neighborhood – in 1st gear – I tried 2nd gear once – and I was scared shirtless.
Next day I rode it to work in 1st gear.
3 weeks later I was into 3rd gear. Still did not see 5th for more than a month. I…”

12Dickie commented on 1971 Honda CB750 K1
1973 Citroen DS23 Pallas EFI 4-Speed

“Amazing car!! an ancedotal story from acouple weeks ago about my time with a DS19 at BAT’s “Whats your automotive guilty pleasure? question of the week” ………..
About 30 years ago I got outa the 82nd moved back to Oregon just outside of McMinnville up, up in the coastal mountains. I had saved a down payment and bought a small Xmas tree farm that was at the end of an old 11 mile long logging road. At the time I wanted away from everyone which can happen after living in tents with a…”

1986 TVR 280i Convertible

“I have owned a 280i coupe for over 18 years. It has 95,000 miles on it and NOT the original driveline. The engine is original, but I replaced the transmission, and the differential rebuilt. Since I have done the majority of the servicing on this car, I can tell you about most anything. I am also a member of the TVR Club.

It is not uncommon to find low miles late (’86) TVRs in the USA. A gentleman named Bird (or Byrd) bought a bunch new when Ford decided to stop importing them and…”

Car News

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Car News



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