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Yesterday’s comments of note

Yesterday’s comments of note

A few of the comments that stood out to us yesterday:

95-Mile 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari

“At the risk of breaking a BaT rule (keep it about the cars) I am moved by this auction to list the top 5 reasons to love BaT:

1. I can sit here in my bathrobe and engage in the best live auction on the planet. As long as I am civil, a positive contributor and respectful of others I can “stand in the inner circle” at the auction and have fun. Yes we occasionally get “passionate” but mother BaT keeps us in line and reminds us that a common love of things automotive binds us.

2. The Jay…”

2004 Volvo V70 R 6-Speed

“I have owned a V70R for 9 years. Think of it like a multi-tool of vehicles: fast, comfortable, stylish, oh – and if you happen to want to haul three kids and several weeks of food to a cottage in northern Ontario, with two bikes on the top? I can’t do that in my Porsche. So, to compare with two cars that have been mentioned in this thread, and which I also own: Compared with the E46 M3, of course in the M3 the connections between the drivers neurons and the tire contact patches is more…”

Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite "Extra" Feature?

“I have a couple of favorite “extra” features. Okay – I’m going to stretch the imagination here a little bit and say that my favorite “extra” features are the invisible air horn chain and my dad’s magic nose button.

The invisible air horn chain I am referring to is the one we used to pull on – to get a trucker to toot their air horns. My dad taught us how to do this at a young age and I taught my kids how to use the invisible air horn chain when their age could still be counted on one…”

No Reserve: 35K-Mile 2001 Porsche Boxster S 6-Speed

“I graduated high school in 1972. Then Porsche 356’s and Jaguar XKE were listed in the Orange County Register and the Long Beach Telegram at $900 to $1500. Man those were the days.

But were they?

I checked inflation from that year to today and while different calculations and methods will deliver somewhat different results, a dollar in 1972 does the same as about $6 today.
That means this $9700 would cost about $1650 in 1972 dollars. Yes.

I feel Boxsters are “deja vu all…”

1967 MG MGB GT

“When I looked at this car in 2011, I had been looking for a good, steel-dash GT for about 18 months.

Just like when you’re waiting for the bus, two good ones came along at exactly the same time. I flew from San Diego to Seattle to see this car, and the owner picked me up in the GT from the ferry terminal on Whidbey Island in the drizzling rain, and the car looked SO right in that environment….I’ll never forget seeing it from a distance, and just thinking “that’s bitchin!”…”

6Ben_E commented on 1967 MG MGB GT

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