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All the 2018 scooters – prices & quick look

All the 2018 scooters – prices & quick look

You want to buy a scooter.??? this video is for you.!!!
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…………….. about travelmoto …………
I am a motorcycle enthusiastic… I love making videos with motorcycles… and some how I travel a lot… and this is how travel moto exists.
I want to let you guys know that I am not the best rider ever who speaks good English and knows much about details of the bikes… I just love what I am doing.
if you have knowledge about motorbikes you can be part of the videos by leaving your comments. (I read them all and visit your channels).
I travel the world for motorcycle shows, enduro, off-road, trial, superSport etc… ……. For my videos I use …..
3 Motorcycles
Honda XR125L (enduro and travel)
Peugeot Vogue 103 moped
Peugeot 103 sp mobylette
2 Cameras
. Sony AX33 PJ620 (mainly for motorcycle reviews)
. Sony Action (mainly for enduro)

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September 15, 2018 at 08:39PM

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