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Race CARNAGE Meets Most BEAUTIFUL Track Ever!

Race CARNAGE Meets Most BEAUTIFUL Track Ever!

Bristol Dragway is INCREDIBLE! – Day 4 CARNAGE! Entering day 4 of this exhausting competition, we bring you coverage of the racers whom have fallen victim to the trials of being a TRUE street car! Fortunately pulling into the BEAUTIFUL Bristol Dragway made the struggles of the week feel a little more worth it seeing cars roaring down the strip of THUNDER VALLEY! Hot Rod Magazine’s “Drag Week” 2018 continues to prove that it’s the gold standard in testing the street-ability of any car, as several cars have dropped out due to part failures, accidents due to inclement weather, or full blown catastrophic engine destruction! Day 4 is the pinnacle of the week for some racers and it means they have made it farther than halfway and the end is in sight!
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September 15, 2018 at 11:11PM

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