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Civic-Based Acura NSX Replica Is Oddly Cute, Precedes The Actual Car!

Civic-Based Acura NSX Replica Is Oddly Cute, Precedes The Actual Car!

There are some replicas out there that are so horrific we feel sincerely bad for those that have to drive them. On the other hand, there are some rather reasonable copycats on the roads. This rip-off Acura NSX sits somewhere in the middle.

The video below was first published to YouTube almost four years ago, but only just came to our attention. It depicts a red sports car that looks very similar to the hybrid NSX currently on sale.

Underpinning the vehicle is a Honda Civic, but all of the body panels have been swapped out. There’s a new front fascia, complete with a hood, grille, headlights and air intakes all very similar to the real thing. The vehicle’s sides are also quite similar to the NSX, except for the fake Lamborghini-style scissor doors that seem to be a must-have for any replica supercar.

Last, but not least, the rear end is also a decent copy of the real NSX, complete with similar taillights, a faux rear diffuser and an angular rear window.

What’s particularly interesting about this NSX is that it was built in Indonesia back in 2014. As a reminder, the second-generation NSX was unveiled at the start of 2015.

This means that this replica precedes the actual car! So, how did the designers of this replica pull it off since they didn’t have the luxury of basing the vehicle off the production-spec NSX? Well, they took design inspiration from the various NSX concepts which were unveiled prior to the car reaching the market, especially the one unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.


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September 15, 2018 at 09:28PM


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