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How VTEC Works – A Simple Explanation

How VTEC Works – A Simple Explanation

VTEC. What is VTEC, and how does it work? Variable valve timing and lift electronic control. How does VTEC make more horsepower?
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VTEC stands for "variable valve timing and lift electronic control." I guess Honda knew it was more difficult to say VVTALEC and it probably wouldn’t look quite as cool as a sticker on the side of a car. VTEC allows for differing cam profiles, meaning different valve lift and duration, depending on the engine RPM. This video will dissect a Honda Civic Type R engine to show the ins and outs of how VTEC works. The Type R, unlike many previous performance Honda engines, only has VTEC on the exhaust side, with just a single cam profile for the intake. Why? All will be discussed in the video!
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September 16, 2018 at 05:11PM

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