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Company President Says Select Markets May Get A Lexus Minivan

Company President Says Select Markets May Get A Lexus Minivan

While SUVs and crossovers are proving to be the go-to for family buyers in North America, big minivans remain popular in certain areas around the world, particularly Asia.

With this in mind, Lexus may soon launch a luxury minivan to cater towards these buyers.

Speaking with Auto Industriya, president of Lexus Manila Raymond Rodriguez commented that “it’s only a matter of time” before Lexus launches a luxurious variant of the large Toyota Alphard minivan. “A Lexus version of the Alphard is actually on my wish list,” Rodriguez said.

According to Rodriguez, a Lexus version of the Alphard could help the automaker snatch sales away from Mercedes-Benz which sells plush van models across Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

In areas across Eastern Europe and Asia, vans like the Toyota Alphard are frequently used by chauffeur and limousine companies. They may not have the allure of class-leading luxury sedans, but their increased size allow for ample levels of space for rear-seat passengers.

If Lexus were to release a version of the Alphard, it would inevitably feature a series of exterior modifications to distinguish it from its more affordable Toyota sibling. However, most of the alterations would probably come in the cabin, where Lexus would fit new luxury trimmings, premium materials, and the latest in high-tech features.


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October 13, 2018 at 02:01AM


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