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Third-Gen Citroen C1 Might Go Down The Electric Route

Third-Gen Citroen C1 Might Go Down The Electric Route

The next Citroen C1 might take a revolutionary step forward and arrive with a full-electric powertrain.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the 2018 Paris Auto Show, Citroen CEO, Linda Jackson, was the one to indicate the possible direction of their upcoming city car.

“That segment is getting smaller and smaller in terms of volume, so I think it’s going to evolve”, Jackson told AutoNews. When asked about the possible direction of the next-gen C1, the official said: “I think probably electric.”

While PSA is investigating an electric approach for the next Citroen C1 and its Peugeot sibling, the 108, Toyota is still undecided about a zero-emission Aygo. Nonetheless, PSA and Toyota have about 1 year to decide whether it’s best to keep collaborating on the three models for the third generation, too.

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“If we find some common strategy, then we can continue. If we have a different strategy, that could be a reason to stop it”, Toyota Europe’s Chairman, Didier Leroy, said.

Toyota is not ready to give up on the Aygo just yet, as it’s considered an important model for the company in Europe, serving its purpose of bringing new customers into the brand.

“The profile of the customer is much younger, which is good for us. And secondly, it’s the biggest conquest brand for us, so it brings new customers into the fold”, Toyota Europe’s CEO, Johan van Zyl, told the news outlet.

Toyota appears to have an ace up its sleeve: a possible crossover minicar. “Is there a risk we get a more crossover design, a less traditional body type like we’ve seen in the B-segment and C-segment? It’s a possibility”, added Matt Harrison, Toyota Europe’s sales chief.

Note: Citroen C1 Urban Ride Concept pictured


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October 13, 2018 at 07:51AM


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