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Is The New Ford Edge ST The Sports SUV It Purports To Be?

Is The New Ford Edge ST The Sports SUV It Purports To Be?

Is The New Ford Edge ST The Sports SUV It Purports To Be?

The new Ford Edge is the company’s first SUV to wear the ST badge, claiming to offer a more engaging driving experience to back the performance brought by the twin-turbo 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.

Power figures are set at 335hp and 380lb-ft of peak torque, sent to all four wheels via a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission. Ford has still to give us an official 0-60 time, but they estimate that the Edge ST does it in under six seconds.

The eight-speed automatic transmission features a new Sport mode that sharpens the throttle response and shifting pattern, holding gears and providing more aggressive engine braking during cornering.

In addition, the chassis has been updated with a sports suspension that includes revised springs and passive dampers for better control, while the bodywork features a more dynamic styling front and rear, including a rather distinctive pair of exhaust outlets.

A set of 20-inch wheels are standard, with Ford offering the larger 21-inch wheels and a Performance Brake package as options.

Ford thinks the new Edge ST occupies a new space in its segment, acting as a cheaper alternative to premium SUVs like the Audi SQ5. Edmunds delivers their first driving impressions on the video that follows.


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via Carscoops

October 13, 2018 at 11:29PM


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