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[S01E03] The Nürburgring Story Behind: Célia Martin (Jaguar RaceTaxi Driver)

[S01E03] The Nürburgring Story Behind: Célia Martin (Jaguar RaceTaxi Driver)

[S01E03] In this third episode of "The Nürburgring Story Behind", Célia Martin will tell her story about how she got into cars, racing and ofcourse the Nürburgring Nordschleife
Timestamps for Célia’s questions:
1:36 Introduction
2:27 What made you leave France for Germany?
3:11 How did you passion for cars start?
8:13 The most bizarre thing that happened at the ring is…
11:24 Is it expensive for you to race here?
12:18 How difficult is it for a female to be in the "men’s world" of racing?
13:37 Is it physically harder for women to race?
14:57 What is your most favorite racetrack?
17:13 What was the first car you drove on the Nürburgring?
20:08 Have you even been in a crash?
21:41 What about Jaguar Race Taxi?
24:41 What are your thoughts about Project 8?
26:55 Will it be the next Jaguar Race Taxi?
27:33 Is there any car you dream about driving in the future?
Special thanks to Célia for taking time to do this interview with us.

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