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Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

This 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp is claimed to be one of seven range-topping, late-model GTSE performance models made, among a wider production total of just 395 over 17 years. Described as a time machine with just 1,394 original kilometers, the car appears to be in like-new condition from top to bottom, and recent servicing reportedly included a rebuild of the factory Ford 351 Cleveland and an upgrade from the original Ford C6 3-speed auto to a more modern 4-speed unit. Cousins of the Maserati Kyalami, these Tom Tjaarda-styled machines have tons of presence in person, and this one, with its factory flares, graphics and meaty rubber, should be even more impressive. Hopefully someone snaps it up and sets out on a Trans-European tour, finally giving the odometer as well as the sophisticated, all-double-wishbone chassis their first-ever real workouts. Find it here at Tom Hartley in Moira, Leicestershire, England for 64,950 GBP (~$85k USD today). Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.

Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

Angular and distinct, balanced proportions made for an imposing presence even with standard, narrow-body variants, a look only enhanced here with those impressive flares and Campagnolo wheels.

Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

Said to be one of just seven GTSE variants made, these models are typically regarded as the pinnacle of the model range, and were only produced toward the tail end of production during the 1980’s. In addition to the wide body, other changes include side skirts and a more aggressive chin spoiler. Headlights, which were originally large rectangular items taken from the ford Consul/Granada parts bin, are replaced here by a more visually pleasing quad setup, and side fender vents were also given a different design.

Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

Bumpers were enlarged by this time, but are color-matched to the metallic brown body on this one which helps to minimize their mass. Wide Campagnolo wheels complete the look, and when the GTS originally debuted in 1980, tires were a specialized set of Pirelli P7s, the same model worn by this GTSE.

Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

The seller describes leather upholstery as cream colored, and the cabin offers a nice visual contrast to the brown exterior. Ruched leather looks quite similar to what can be seen in other period Maseratis, and real wood trim breaks things up nicely. As one might expect given an odometer reading below 1,000 miles, condition seems essentially untouched, with surfaces like the seats, center console, steering wheel and elsewhere showing little to no wear. Gauges are marked in highly visible green, and the only change in sight appears to be an aftermarket head unit fitted in front of the parts bin Ford shifter.

Italian Fox Body Cobra: One-of-Seven 1988 De Tomaso Longchamp GTSE

The sole power plant choice for the Longchamp throughout production was the Ford 351 Cleveland. When Ford ended production of the engine in the US, De Tomaso began sourcing them from Australia, where the one on display above likely originated. Offered in three different power level configurations, this GTSE is said to use the most potent 330-horse version. Although reportedly barely used, the engine has been rebuilt by a marque specialist, while upgrades include an unnamed 4-speed automatic replacing the original C6 3-speed. Check out those De Tomaso rocker covers.

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