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BMW M8 is almost ready for showtime – Roadshow

BMW M8 is almost ready for showtime – Roadshow

BMW’s M8 doesn’t look much more aggressive than the regular 8 Series, unless the camouflage is more effective than we’d guess. 


BMW announced Thursday that it’s just about done with development on its forthcoming M8, and that the big coupe will go into production soon. Let’s hope there’s a factory on Earth big enough for Bavaria’s large adult son.

The M8 will technically serve as the replacement for the current M6, with a style all its own. The M8 will get the lovely, high-revving, 600-horsepower turbo V8 that we know and love in the M5 sedan, as well as its fancy xDrive all-wheel-drive system.

BMW also confirmed that while the M8 Coupe will come first, it’ll be followed by the M8 Gran Coupe and M8 Convertible — something company officials recently told us, as well. We expect that it’ll cost a boatload of greenbacks, a pretty penny more than the $111,900 of the M850i Coupe that launches first.

Our man Steven Ewing went to Portugal recently to drive the non-M version of the new 8 Series and had lots of very nice things to say. Clearly, with the full-fledged M8, there is a lot to look forward to.

2019 BMW 8 Series M850i xDrive Coupe

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November 9, 2018 at 04:11AM


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