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McLaren Speedtail prototype says you can call it Al(bert)

McLaren Speedtail prototype says you can call it Al(bert)

Automakers so frequently refer to their cars, both in production and in development, by boring old alphanumeric codes.


in particular does this, with such unmemorable names as





Its new Speedtail

, still in development, does have a boring code name of MVY02, but it also has a real name. It’s called Albert.

According to McLaren, the reason for this is that the test prototypes for the old

McLaren F1 supercar

were also called Albert. The location where the F1 was designed was on Albert Drive, too. So this is a nice throwback to the last top speed demon from the British car firm. And of course, it’s a fun name for a car.

Aside from the name, the prototype is distinguished by a nifty vinyl wrap, as well as a unique nose. Instead of the super slick fascia of the Speedtail production car, the nose of

the 720S

has been grafted on. According to McLaren, underneath those panels are the actual Speedtail components. It actually doesn’t look as out of place as we would have imagined. The car is being used to test the production


engine in real-world driving, as well as finalizing suspension brakes, ergonomics and more. Testing will continue over the coming year until production begins at the end of 2019.

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November 9, 2018 at 10:07PM×1549+0+0/resize/800×450!/format/jpg/quality/85/


Car News



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