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Atlanta Hawks Rookie Gets His Audi R8 Filled With Popcorn

Atlanta Hawks Rookie Gets His Audi R8 Filled With Popcorn

If you’re like us who have been following the NBA and all the things that happen on and off the court, you know that it’s a tradition for veteran teammates to play pranks on their rookies or what they colloquially call rookie hazing. These things are just fine, as pranks show how close your team is, which is an essential part of a basketball team.

Speaking of pranks:

Trae Young may have started strong this year, but that didn’t spare him from the traditional rooking hazing. The main victim, however, was his matte black, badass Audi R8. Here’s a snippet of the story from Officialize, shared through a tweet that showed a series of short clips from the other Atlanta Hawks’ players:


The Audi R8 was pretty new, as Young only bought the German supercar last July of this year. According to his Instagram post, it’s the first car he purchased by himself. With that, we can only imagine the frustration he felt when he saw that his precious car has been filled with popcorn. Not just an ordinary popcorn; it’s a high-level popcorn, according to Hawks veteran Jeremy Lin.

With that amount of popcorn inside the car, which looked to be butter flavor, by the way, it would be a tough time for those who will clean the car. But then again, this might be a regular thing in Atlanta, so we guess the car wash service centers know what to do. Young was initially seen laughing nervously by the sight of his popcorn-filled R8, but another clip showed that he wasn’t that amused. I mean, who would be. That’s a $140,000 supercar right there with a buttered interior. That’s not an amusing thing, really; at least not for the number five overall NBA draft pick.

To Young’s consolation, looks like it wasn’t just him who got pranked. Omari Spellman, another Hawks rookie, got popcorned too.

Source: Officialize via Bleacher Report



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