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BaT Auction: 1964 Porsche 911 2.0L Engine

BaT Auction: 1964 Porsche 911 2.0L Engine

This Porsche 911 2.0L flat-six engine is one of 235 units manufactured in 1964 and features an aluminum crankcase, twin Solex triple-choke 40mm carburetors, an early flywheel, center-oiling camshafts, and early air filter housings. Included copies of Kardex cards show that engine #900348 was eventually installed in a model-year 1965 911 coupe. This flat-six was pulled from a running car nine years ago in favor of a race motor, and it is said to have been in dry storage as part of a private collection ever since. This M901/01 Porsche engine is now offered by the selling dealer on a bill of sale in Costa Mesa, California

1964 Porsche 911 2.0L Engine

Stamping *900348* indicates this engine was produced in December of 1964 for the 1965 911. Early engine numbering sequencing is said to have begun at *900100*, thus making this the 248th engine built. Two Kardex cards in the gallery show that this unit was originally destined for chassis 300224. However, the engine was pulled for Kundendienst (customer service), marked with an additional “KD” on the crankcase, and installed into chassis 302568, also a 1965 model-year 911.

1964 Porsche 911 2.0L Engine

The early M901/01 engines feature unique attributes such as a 109-tooth 6-volt starter ring, biral cylinders, and Solex carburetors. The crankcase halves are made of aluminum, as are the cylinder heads, camshaft towers, timing chain covers, and valve covers.

1964 Porsche 911 2.0L Engine

The engine is fitted with two Solex triple-choke 40mm carburetors, a Bosch distributor, the wiring loom, and engine tin, however the front portion of the tin is missing. Photos in the gallery show some damage to the fan housing, and the heat exchangers have been replaced with aftermarket exhaust headers. The seller states that the engine includes several 1964 specific parts, including:

  • Center-oiling camshafts
  • Non-baffled, rounded corner air filter housing
  • Flywheel with 109-tooth starter ring
  • Voltage regulator
  • Engine mounting bracket
  • 6-bolt valve covers

The video above shows the engine being turned over by hand.

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