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BaT Event Coverage – 2018 Targa Baja California

BaT Event Coverage – 2018 Targa Baja California

We’re back from the Targa Baja and reflecting on the adventures we had on the road last week thanks to organizer Dave Bouzaglou and his team. Participants from as far as British Columbia and the East Coast brought out an interesting mix of 40+ cars including many 911s, 240Zs, 2002s, 914s, a very sharp Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, a La Carrera-prepared 240HP Dodge Omni, and several BaT Alumni cars. We have done the Targa California twice before but never the Baja event, and as expected the driving in Mexico was exciting with high average speeds and a good balance of coastal, mountain, and wide-open roads. Support from the Federales Police south of the border allowed for some memorable full-throttle runs out of town with intersections blocked off and even the stop lights re-programmed for our morning departure!
BaT Event Coverage - 2018 Targa Baja California

The event started near Palm Springs, California with a morning drive through Joshua Tree en route to lunch and laps at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. We then headed south along the fabled Salton Sea to remote Highway 78.

BaT Event Coverage - 2018 Targa Baja California

Day 2 commenced with a short jog down to the Tecate border where we crossed as a group and were welcomed on arrival in Mexico by local officials with all the cars parked in a town square. From there it was flat out on Route 2 to the famous section of roadway over the Sierra de Juarez Mountains outside the town of La Rumerosa, and then down through the Valle de Guadalupe wine country to the first of two nights in Ensenada.

BaT Event Coverage - 2018 Targa Baja California

On Day 3 we headed farther south on Route 1 through San Vicente, and in the afternoon a group of us including @ForzaV12 in his C2 Corvette Coupe took an exploratory detour ending with a lovely lunch in the coastal mountains of La Bufadora on the Punta Banda Peninsula. Overall this was a great group of entrants with the right attitude and healthy spirit of the event.

BaT Event Coverage - 2018 Targa Baja California

Big thanks to Rob Fuller and his team at Z Car Garage for preparing our 1972 Datsun 240Z which ran flawlessly the entire time at sustained high RPMs and in hot weather. Prior to the event he outfitted the car with his custom in-house developed Z brake kit which provided excellent stopping power and near-perfect pedal feel. After it was all over, we woke up early Sunday morning in Ensenada and drove 600 miles straight back to San Francisco!

Photo Credit: Sean Callaghan

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