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CARB and Washington to Hold Emissions Talks Next Week

CARB and Washington to Hold Emissions Talks Next Week

CARB and Washington to Hold Emissions Talks Next Week


Photo: Gage Skidmore

Photo: Gage Skidmore

Representatives from the California Air Resources Board will meet with the White House next week to discuss the state’s opposition to the Trump administration’s proposed fuel economy regulations.

The White House put forth a proposal in the summer that would see it abandon the Obama Administration’s fuel economy standards for 2022-2025, with Trump saying they were too strict. At the same time, the Trump administration said it would strip California of the ability to set its own vehicle emissions laws, with EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler saying he hoped the country could eventually reach “one national standard,” for fuel economy.

California, along with 19 other states including New York and Illinois, have demanded that the White House drop the proposal. The states also indicated they would seek litigation against regulators if they were to go ahead with it, Reuters reports.

Automakers are also getting in on the spat. General Motors, along with Volkswagen and Toyota, formed a consortium last month urging the government the find a healthy middle ground for future emissions regulations. Many automakers view the Obama-era fuel economy laws as unrealistic, but don’t fully back the proposed regulation freeze.

While GM wants to see the 2022-2025 regulations loosened, it has also called on Trump to back a “National Zero Emissions Vehicle Program” that would expand the number of EVs on the road between now and 2030. The ZEV program would see the expansion of EV credit programs, along with the establishment of a so-called ” Zero Emissions Task Force” that would promote policies “complementary” to EVs. Enacting the ZEV program and getting the 2022-2025 regulations would be a win-win for GM – it would save regulatory costs on its internal combustion engine cars and help get more butts in the Bolt EV and any of its future electric products.

CARB, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Transportation will meet through a video call next Tuesday to discuss Trump’s proposal. It will be the first time they have met to discuss the topic since late September.

Source: Reuters

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    Car News

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    November 10, 2018 at 06:18PM


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