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Danish Company Biomega Unveils Concept EV With Planned Price of Just $23,000

Danish Company Biomega Unveils Concept EV With Planned Price of Just $23,000

Danish electric vehicle startup Biomega has unveiled its concept for the Sin, an EV aimed at urban city environments with a planned production version costing around $23,000.

Europe has become a breeding ground of sorts for EV companies aiming to expand by using rising levels of pollution, traffic congestion, and costs as rational arguments for the adoption of the cleaner, quieter, and cheaper alternatives. Paris and Brussels have already tested a “day without cars,” for instance, while Volkswagen plans on launching an electric car-sharing service in Germany next year—Mercedes-Benz will soon be joining the fray, too.

Biomega’s concept was designed to seat four passengers and retain enough battery capacity for around 100 miles of transportation. Powered by four in-wheel electric motors, the vehicle will have a purported 82 horsepower, which Biomega claims is sufficient for a 0-62 miles per hour time of 13 seconds and a maximum speed of 80 mph.

The Sin’s flat underbelly pictured above is purposefully conceived to allow for the battery unit to sit on the floor. This doesn’t hinder any potential modulation, however, as part of the electric vehicle’s battery will be easily removable in case users quickly need to replace it with a fully charged unit.

Additionally, the Biomega intends on using a fair amount of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, bringing the estimated curb weight to 2,090 pounds. To clarify, the battery alone is responsible for nearly a fourth of that, weighing in at 440 pounds.

Ultimately, this is still very much a concept, with only early prototypes concept art currently available. On the other hand, Biomega has firmly stated intentions of entering production by 2021.

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via TheDrive

November 10, 2018 at 06:12PM


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