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Renault takes a swipe at Verstappen

Renault takes a swipe at Verstappen

Even though a number of issues this year have clearly been about the packaging of the Renault power unit in the Red Bull, as opposed to the engine itself, it is the French engine manufacturer that has borne the brunt of the criticism.

Issue with the clutch… Renault, overheating tyres… Renault, the drivers collide in Azerbaijan following a clearly risky manoeuvre… Renault.

Of course, when it all goes right, and Max Verstappen takes victory in Mexico – much like those four titles with Sebastian Vettel – the French manufacturer barely gets a mention.

Naturally, Daniel Ricciardo‘s decision to leave Red Bull for Renault hasn’t helped, and it’s fair to say that Helmut, Christian and Max have already ordered their “Told You So” T-Shirts for next season, in order that they can wallow in schadenfreude at every opportunity.

For the most part, Renault has maintained a dignified silence, however, in its travel blog ahead of this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix, someone could not allow the opportunity to slip by.

“A party atmosphere is one similarity between Mexico and Brazil,” reads the press release, “with another being the sheer volume of people living in the two host cities.

“With a combined population of 20 million, which may or may not be equivalent to the number of times Max Verstappen has moaned about something this season, these two back-to-backs are physically HUGE.”

No doubt, the youngster will take the comment with his usual grace.

Check out our Friday gallery from Interlagos, here.

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November 10, 2018 at 11:58AM


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