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This just in: Jeep pickup truck apparently will be named Jeep Gladiator

This just in: Jeep pickup truck apparently will be named Jeep Gladiator

For months we — we, meaning the automotive world in general — have been operating under the assumption that the

Jeep pickup truck

would be named Scrambler. For those of us who always thought that sounded like a breakfast at Denny’s, vindication: According to

Jeep Scrambler Forum

— yes, they were so sure, they named themselves that — the truck will carry a different name:



Jeep Scrambler Forum says it’ll roll with the changes: “Stay tuned as we’ll be making the switch to in the coming days (smiley face, thumbs up).”

The discovery came when a forum “longtime trusted source” found a web page with the new name that went up momentarily on


media site. No sense looking for it, it’s not there now. But here’s the screen grab:

Jeep Gladiator pickup

Gladiator is not new. It was the name, way back in 2005, for the Jeep pickup concept:

Could this still be a mistake, and Scrambler will stick? It seems more likely that this is it.

One thing’s for sure: We’re so close to finding out we can almost taste it. The truck has been testing everywhere, from the

Rubicon Trail

, to the streets of Detroit and Auburn Hills, where it’s pretty easy to see a camouflaged example on a morning commute. The wait is almost over: The wraps will come off

later this month at the L.A. Auto Show


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via Autoblog

November 10, 2018 at 02:08AM×1407+0+231/resize/800×450!/format/jpg/quality/85/


Car News



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