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Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

This 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD (chassis CM400034075) is a final-year production code M wagon which appears to have amenities and options consistent with high-level FXV trim. Powered by a 2C-T turbodiesel four, these vans are quite capable in terms of off road ability thanks to low-range gearing and good departure and approach angles, and this one has been lifted substantially and fitted with large all-terrain tires on aftermarket wheels. Outside of the roof rack and suspension, other modifications appear to be minimal and condition looks good with the metric equivalent of 73k miles listed. It also has the optional Skylite panoramic roof, and with the period-style custom graphics and lift, the van definitely has a very cool look about it. Find it here on Craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona for $20k.

Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

Although the paint scheme looks like it could be factory, it’s actually a custom job that was done as part of a build process that also included fitment of Pro-Comp shockers and other unnamed components. From the the factory, 4WD LiteAce vans and wagons like this sat notably higher and on different wheels than their strictly RWD stablemates, but this one is clearly a good bit taller yet. Black bumpers and rocker trim add some contrast, tied together with dark tint on almost all windows. Speaking of glass, LiteAce wagons and vans were available with a choice between four different roof styles, and this one is equipped with the top-shelf Skylite setup. Wheels are aftermarket items, and are said to come wrapped in new BFG all-terrains.

Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

This era of LiteAce passenger wagon was offered in no fewer than seven distinct trim levels, ranging from the spartan and utilitarian SV and DX models to the more family oriented Space Casual or ranging topping FXV. The interior of this one, with velour upholstery, split mid-row seating which can rotate, and a rear bench that can fold out of the way, seems consistent with an FXV. Beside the 5-speed manual shifter is the transfer case lever, while further up, the dash features a gauge pod that looks to contain a clinometer in addition to a few other off-road instruments.

Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

Seating capacity looks as though it can accommodate a total of six including the driver, while other lower-trim models had room for more thanks to rear bench seating and a folding seat in in the front. While not a camper, there’s still plenty of room for weekend trips up and down the coast.

Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

Although not shown in photos, probably thanks to limited access and visibility through a hatch beneath the driver’s seat, the engine is said to be a 2C-T turbodiesel four. Although relatively unknown here in North America, the unit saw wide ranging use in Europe and Japan during the 1980’s and 90’s, and developed approximately 85 horsepower at 4000 rpm and 130 lb. ft. of torque at from 2,000 to 3,000.

Skylite Roof Turbodiesel: 1991 Toyota LiteAce 4WD in the US

Mechanical work mentioned in the ad includes a full fluid and filter service along with a radiator flush, as well as a vague reference to a “full service on the engine.”

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