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C8 Corvette – How Much Truth Is In Here?

C8 Corvette – How Much Truth Is In Here?

Alleged Inside Info Reveals (Possible) Major Changes to America’s Sports Car
December 5, 2018
The Drive
By: James Gilboy

Big changes are in store for the next-gen Chevrolet Corvette, called the C8, which is expected in 2020 or so. Endless test mule sightings have the world convinced that the next iteration will be a mid-engined sports car meant to take the fight to everything from the Porsche Boxster to the McLaren 720S. The highly anticipated renewal of General Motors’ iconic sports car has Corvette fans treading water, ready to cling to any news that floats their way, and Tuesday, a ponderous raft of information on which to cling surfaced on Corvette Forum.

The poster of the purported leak used a throwaway account to post the information, claiming their business will suffer if they reveal any further information on the car. As the forum is a place that anyone can sign up for, take the following claims with a boulder-sized grain of salt—it may yet be an elaborate hoax.

First off: the Corvette as a brand and its supposed names. The poster claims the 2020 Corvette will assume a brand identity of its own, independent of Chevrolet, and that the model will be available at fewer GM dealers than previous versions. Allegedly, C8 maintenance will be restricted to specialized, GM-approved technicians.

Full article at the link above

Take all of this info for what it’s worth right now. Pure unknown info. We won’t know how much or if any of it is true until sometime 13 months from now. Or, possibly 1 month from now.

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via GM Inside News Forum

December 6, 2018 at 06:05AM


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