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Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

This 1963 Peugeot 404 cabriolet is a special car, as both coupes and drop-tops were largely hand-built by Pininfarina in Italy, and represented only a small fraction of total 404 build numbers. Reportedly bought new by a US Air Force Major in Paris, the car is now offered as-discovered, complete and entirely serviceable looking despite rusty floors. There’s no word if the Kugelfischer-injected engine still runs or even turns freely, but overall things look entirely restorable here–hopefully rust isn’t extensive, as the seller provides no photos and few words to describe its corrosion issues. The factory hardtop is a definite plus however, and though it doesn’t always come across in photos, these cars are highly elegant and almost perfectly proportioned in the metal. Find this one here on Craigslist in La Verne, California for $25k. Thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.

Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

The lines of the 404 coupe and cabriolet have always been attractive, as could be expected of any 60’s era Pininfarina design. The seller doesn’t offer any explanation relating to the car’s more recent history, but paint finish, which is claimed to be original. Wheels are a matching factory design, and the contrasting black hardtop is said to be original. In comparison with later versions, visual differences include round front turn signals and a lack of auxiliary lights in the grille.

Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

Marque, model and Injection badging all appear to remain present in their correct locations. Bodywork looks straight with good door fitment, but rust is present in a few areas, like the lower portion of the passenger side front fender.

Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

The interior appears rough and in need of extensive refreshing. There are no visible cracks in the dash pad, but the instrument panel including the radio and ventilation controls, as well as the trim beneath, show signs of longterm sun exposure. As the seller assures, things appear to remain largely complete in terms of equipment like the gauges, steering wheel, trim and switchgear. Visible upholstery seems to follow factory form and may still have some life in it, with the exception of the driver’s seat that’s torn and covered with a trash bag.

Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

Corrosion is also visible within the engine bay, affecting parts like the intake manifold and air cleaner assembly. Initially brought to market with fueling by carburetor, the 404 range gained the option of Kugelfischer fuel injection after the 1962 Geneva Motor Show. The change in fuel delivery allowed the 1.6 liter XCKF pushrod four to achieve 84 horsepower and 101 lb. ft. of torque, a healthy improvement over 71 horsepower and 94 lb. ft. of Solex-equipped cars. Running condition of this one isn’t mentioned, but from the looks of things we’d guess it hasn’t ran in a while.

Rare Pininfarina Bodied Cabrio: 1963 Peugeot 404 Project near LA

Rusty floorpans are unfortunately not photographed, and the extent of rot could be a major determining factor in whether this one’s restored anytime soon. Hopefully it is, in which case its chances of heading back to Europe could be strong.

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December 7, 2018 at 03:25AM


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